Speaking and Consulting

While the work I do with my current district is my top priority, I do regularly engage in speaking and consulting. A list of what I have previously offered can be found below and testimonials are here. I am open to new topics/ideas, and anything can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific audience. For inquiries, please email me at RossCoops31@gmail.com. Also, feel free to follow me on Twitter.

Inquiry-Based Learning

An Introduction to Project-Based Learning
An overview of project-based learning and Understanding by Design. Participants are given the opportunity to start creating their own project-based learning units.

The MacBook & Project-Based Learning
An overview of the MacBook, its iLife Suite (Photos, iMovie, GarageBand), and how everything integrates with project-based learning.

Project-Based Learning and Google
“In this session, we will examine how Google tools can be used in order to enhance project-based learning and STEM experiences, particularly at the elementary level. We will look at specific projects from multiple subject areas and discuss how Google tools can be integrated into student and teacher workflows in order to enhance the learning experience for everyone involved.”

Project-Based Websites
“Explore how custom-made and interactive websites can literally change the way in which you conduct your classroom projects. Rather than starting off a project by distributing multiple handouts, place all of your information on an engaging website that acts as a ‘one stop shop’ for all project-related needs.”

Student-Centered Discussions
“Why have student-centered discussions become more about filling in packets and less about student discourse? How do we structure a classroom environment to set students up for successful conversations with their peers? Let’s discuss and curate ideas together.”

Total Participation Techniques
Focuses on student opportunities to respond, or how long each student has to be actively engaged in order to “make it through” the current lesson. According to Total Participation Techniques by Persida and William Himmele, “Total Participation Techniques (TPTs) are teaching techniques that allow for all students to demonstrate, at the same time, active participation and cognitive engagement in the topic being studied.”

Technology / Social Media

The Ins and Outs of Book Creator
“In this workshop we will explore the creation and publishing of eBooks with the Book Creator app for iPad. We will also dive into practical classroom applications as well as integration with other apps, such as photo and video editing.”

Bring Your Own Device
Focuses on lessons learned from a BYOD pre-pilot, top ten apps for BYOD, a teacher implementation timeline, and a district implementation timeline.

Bring Your Own Device in the Classroom
“The course will be a ‘how-to’ facilitate/manage the BYOD roll-out in your classroom.”

Twitter 101
An overview of Twitter and how it can benefit educators and students. 

Tell Your Story
The session focuses on school/district branding, and explores the following questions: What is a brand? Why brand? What is your elevator pitch? What tools can we use to brand? I talk about my experiences with branding, and participants are also provided with opportunities to discuss their experiences.


An Introduction to Common Core Math
An introduction to Common Core math, and exploring the breakdown of an inquiry-based math lesson.

Common Core Math and Technology
“In this session we will explore the breakdown of inquiry-based or Common Core math lessons in a way that is simple, effective, and easily applicable to daily instruction in the classroom. We will look at various iOS apps and Web 2.0 resources, which can be used to promote effective inquiry-based mathematics and a successful shift to the Common Core. The focus of the session will be at the elementary level, but information can be applied to all grades.”

Kindergarten Math: Putting the “How” Before the “What”
Can be applied to all grade levels. Focuses on the Common Core Standards for Mathematical Practice and (1) unpacking the standards, (2) productive struggle, problem solving, and deeper understanding of content, (3) prompts, checklists, and rubrics, and (4) problem solving resources.

Common Core Math: Creating and Analyzing Common Assessments
Describes the process for creating and analyzing common assessments for the Common Core Math Standards at the elementary level.

Language Arts

Digital Storytelling in K-12 Language Arts – “Why write for your teacher when you can publish for the world?”
“In this session we will explore the different ways in which students can engage in writing and storytelling through the use of various websites and iOS apps. Participants will blog, create digital posters, produce movies, and write eBooks. An emphasis will be placed on students publishing their work for an authentic audience.”

Language Arts: Higher-Order Questioning
An overview of higher-order questioning. Using an upcoming story from the Language Arts series, participants create at least three-higher order questions that enable students to demonstrate deeper understanding. Participants are encouraged to think about how they can structure classroom activity around these questions.

Guided Reading & Daily 5
“In this session, we will examine how technology can be used in order to enhance guided reading and The Daily 5 (a structure that helps students develop the daily habits of reading, writing, and working independently) at the elementary level. We will look at various iOS apps and web 2.0 resources, which can be used to promote an effective approach to balanced literacy.”

An Introduction to Writing Pathways
The enduring understandings for the session are: “Where are we” with writing instruction? Where do we “want to go” with writing instruction? I am somewhat familiar with the six different components of Writing Pathways. I have a general idea of what the Writing Workshop entails.

Writing Pathways: Part 2
The enduring understandings for the session are: I am inspired by the ideas of others. I am more comfortable with the 6 different components of Writing Pathways. Writing Workshop is starting to feel “doable.” I have a general idea of how Writing Workshop would fit into my schedule. 


Turning Barriers into Bridges: Effective Administrative Leadership in the Digital Age
“This panel will focus on what administrators can do to support teachers and students in the digital age. Whether the school has a 1:1 initiative or is BYOD, the panel will discuss what can be done to create a positive organizational culture where technological bridges are built.”

Non-Negotiables of Professional Development
“Engage in a discussion around non-negotiables for a successful professional development experience. This collegial discourse is focused on developing learning experiences that promote sustainable change within an organization.”

Professional Development That Works
“Whether you are an administrator or teacher leader, if you are providing learning experiences for your colleagues – this session is for you. Discuss and learn professional development must haves. Increase buy-in and build capacity for change by improving your planning and presentation practices.”